House rules

Our Riads are available from 1600 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 1000 on the day of departure. If possible, though, this will be flexible depending on your final flight arrival and departure times.

Our rental prices apply for the whole Riad. The exception is Riad LakLak, which has an apartment on the roof terrace. The appartment has its own entrance (the stairs to the terrace however are shared with Riad LakLak). The use of the apartment is not included in the rent. It is possible that it will be occupied by the owner of Riad LakLak of friends of the owner of Riad LakLak during your stay.

There will be no other persons staying in the house during your rental. The exception is again Riad LakLak, where by default the housekeeper will stay in his own bedroom on his own floor during your stay. If you request more privacy, we can arrange external accommodation for the housekeeper.

Smoking is allowed on the roof terrace.

No local visitors are allowed entry to any of the Riads during your stay.  This restriction is necessary because of the Moroccan legislation.


It is expected that our guests do not make excessive noise that could disturb our neighbors. Furthermore, it is not allowed to be naked on the roof terrace. We also ask our guests not to unnecessarily look at the terraces and patios of the riads in the neighborhood. The roof terraces in Morocco were originally reserved for women.


To make a reservation, please send us an email. For more information, visit our rental page.