All our Riads have a fully equipped kitchen that you can use for your cooking. Nevertheless, we advice you to try Fatima’s kitchen.

Breakfast includes fresh orange juice, Moroccan crepes, fruits, omelets, bread, butter, jam, tea and coffee and costs 5€ per person. It is served on the roof terrace or in the patio.

In particular for the first evening, we recommend having dinner in the riad to spend a relaxing first evening in Marrakech before exploring the sometimes overwhelming Medina. A Moroccan dinner includes various Moroccan salads as a starter, a Tajine as the main dish, and a Moroccan dessert. The Tajine is made with beef, chicken, lam or vegetables only. Non-alcoholic beverages are included. We ask for 20€ per person and dinner. Ask for a discount for large groups.

Three course dinner

Tajine de bœuf aux pruneaux (Beef cooked in a tajine dish with prunes) € 20.00
Tajine de mouton (Sheep cooked in a tajine dish with spices) € 20.00
Tajine de poulet au citron (Chicken cooked in a tajine dish with candied lemon slices) € 20.00
Tajine de légumes (Mixed vegetables cooked in a tajine dish with spices) € 20.00
Tajine de poisson (Fish cooked in a tajine dish with spices) € 20.00
Couscous berbère aux légumes (Traditional Moroccan couscous with vegetables) € 20.00
Couscous berbère au poulet (Traditional Moroccan couscous with chicken) € 20.00
Couscous berbère au bœuf (Traditional Moroccan couscous with beef) € 20.00
  • Prices are per person. Please ask for discounts for large groups.
  • The minimum charge for hot dishes (tajine and couscous) is € 40.00.
  • Fatima cannot prepare several meat dishes at the same time. Please order the same meat for everyone. We can always add a vegetarian version to it.
  • Please allow sufficient time for preparation.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages are included. Bring your own wine or beer!
  • You can eat very well in the median and sometimes even cheaper. Our prices reflect the fact that Fatima just cooks for you.
  • I hope you enjoy our breakfast and dinners that are served on the roof terrace or in the patio!